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Marci refuses to turn the clock back on gay rights, women's rights, and religious freedom. All residents of the 52nd District deserve someone who can not only balance financial responsibility, but also put human dignity at the forefront.

  • REPRESENTATION. Marci believes that everyone in District 52, regardless of who they are, deserves to have their opinions and concerns validated by a representative who will listen and act on their needs. In her own words: "When I realized someone who is hostile towards the LGBTQ+ community and non-Christian religions was going to represent me, I felt I had no choice but to run. I want to be in a community with those who are different from me, and ensure they are treated fairly and decently."
  • SOCIAL PROGRESS. Marci is extremely critical of the current White House administration, and believes that improving the economy doesn't have to come at the expense of rolling back social progress and destroying America's national credibility.


With over three decades of experience in tax and business law, Marci is running on a strong financial platform. She has managed operating and product budgets of over $200 million dollars.

  • SMALL BUSINESS RECOVERY. Small business recovery and stimulation of the local economy is at the top of Marci's list. Her emphasis is specifically prioritizing relief targeted to businesses recovering from the COVID crisis and revitalizing the economy safely.
  • LOWERING TAXES. Marci has heard her constituents loud and clear: property taxes in the state are far too high and taxpayers' dollars aren't being spent effectively. She believes IL District 52 needs targeted and surgical reforms, rather than a slash-and-burn approach to cutting spending. When elected, Marci plans to ease taxes on low-and-middle income earners, while working to create a fair and accepted tax plan for all district residents.


As a licensed professional mental health counselor, Marci supports the right to affordable healthcare, dental care, and mental health resources for all Americans.

  • ACCESSIBLE MENTAL HEALTHCARE. Marci is an outspoken advocate for accessible mental healthcare. Working in community mental health for the last five years, she has provided services to a wide variety of individuals whose struggle with mental illness was often intensified by inability to get quality care in a timely manner. She believes these resources should include publicly addressing the severity of mental health issues, implementing suicide prevention programs, and community outreach programs to help educate individuals and their families.
  • COMBATING COVID-19. During the COVID-19 pandemic Marci has been a supporter of a phased re-opening strategy. She believes that, rather than rushing back to normal, we need to combat the crisis with creative thinking, like fostering better virtual communities. In her own words, "Europe is holding its own. We could too, if we took science and compassion for others seriously."


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